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London (2000-07-18) Day 34
Windsor CastleI'm staying at Leigh's place in West Dulwich, rather near one of Tom Cruise's houses. I made it out to Windsor as well, and took a little walk about the city. Even played a game of Dance Dance Revolution.
Leigh and friends in London Paddington Bear holding my backpack

London (2000-07-20) Day 36

I had a fine day running all about London an a tour bus & boat ride. Well, until the bombs were set in the underground and traffic became a mess! I saw the 100 doves released for the Queen Mother's 100th birthday. London is pretty nice, but on a budget and with little time there's quite a lot you can't see. But, that's it, I jumped on a plane and left. 
One Hundred white doves for the queen's mother's 100th birth day Westminster Abby, Big Ben, and Eye Over London

No more Europe vacation. 

Ryan and Vince in New Orleans, the afterward.

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