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Columbus, USA (2000-06-12) Day 0:

Oops, we almost missed the plane, a little confusion with which gate to use. This plane is a prop taking us to Toronto. 

Paris, France (2000-06-13) Day 1:

Vince in hotel at ParisWe arrived early in the morning. Getting to the city wasn't a problem, but wow was it crazy once we arrived! We spent some time finding a place to stay, and met plenty of other travelers right away. It's very busy here, but now that we've settled in a bit we'll have a better chance to enjoy the city. The hotel we're staying in is very nice and cozy. Dried flowers hang from the lobby ceiling, giving the place a sweet perfume. I'm officially excited about the trip now, I got excited halfway over the Atlantic. (It might have been the wine.) 
Vince on Paris street Paris street near Louvre

Ryan in Paris Vince and Louvre Louvre
Paris street near Louvre Courtyard of Louvre

Paris, France (2000-06-14) Day 2:

The hotel we’re staying in is over 300 years old. Newly renovated, each room has theme. Our seems to be “Persian women with lopsided breasts.” Ryan’s been doing well communicating, except he says ‘you’ instead of ‘we’ often. Last night at a café he told a waiter, “You are looking for tap water.” The waiter laughed and told us to stick with English. We ate ham & cheese ‘croque-monsieurs’. 

We met the girls today at the base of the Eiffel Tower.
Meeting Julie and Debie at Eiffel Tower Ryan, Julie, Debbie, Vince at Eiffel Tower


View of Paris from inside Eiffel Tower View of Paris from atop Eiffel Tower Ryan and full shot of Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Julie, Ryan, and Vince on top Eiffel Tower
Arch de Triumph We then went to visit the Arch de Triumph

Paris, France (2000-06-15) Day 3:

Vince, Julie, Debbie, and Ryan at Notre DameExcellent time the last two days. This is our third day here. We tromp about the city and have seen so very much! This city has so much in it! The Eiffel tower was stunning, the Louvre was immense, the gargoyles of Notre Dame were perfectly gothic. We have plans to leave by train tonight to the Netherlands. We will meet up with the girls again in Amsterdam. Ehsan, whom we split the hotel room with, has proven very interesting! He is from Afghanistan, lives in California, and is Muslim. He is an excellent traveler, and picks up the culture very well. Ahh, our feet are tired, as the days are long. Traveling is work, but so much fun! 

Facade of Notre Dame Spiral staircase in Notre Dame
Gargoyles of Notre Dame
Flying Buttresses of Notre Dame
Gargoyles of Notre Dame and Gothic features Gargoyle drainspouts of Notre Dame Gargoyles of Notre Dame and Paris view

Vince and Venus de Milo Vince and Ryan on some face in Paris

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