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Paris, Calais, Dover, London (2000-07-13) Day 29
The white cliffs of DoverFrom Barcelona, switch trains in south France and again in Paris (taste the Paris Metro again), a train to Calais for a Ferry to Dover (The castle looking grand above the white cliffs), a train to London (a fresh Metro to sample), and a train to Edinburgh. Total traveling time: 31.5 hours. (I started reading Ryan's copy of Dune. He's still reading it, we cut the book.) Arrival time in Edinburgh: 12:03 AM. Arrival time at bread and breakfast: 1:06 AM. (Someone (not me) had a problem reading the map...) 

Edinburgh (2000-07-14) Day 30
Edinburgh, ScotlandScotland has had a wonderful first impression on me. I've decided to go `Lux, and have booked a three day tour of the Highlands. I spent the day touring Edinburgh and saw many wonderful things. I learned quite a bit about whiskey (but only had one drink of it, rather harsh stuff if you ask me). The architecture and history of this city is also very fascinating, I enjoyed the bus tour quite a bit. Ryan and I split ways today, he is heading down to London on a train this very moment. 

Isle of Skye (2000-07-16) Day 32
Vince in the highlands of ScotlandMy three-day tour to the Isle of Skye has been fantastic! The highlands of Scotland are wonderful, and a freak of weather has produce three wonderfully clear sunny days here (not the usual). I've had a good refreshing fill of mountains, sheep, hiking, and the local beer [Tennent's Velvet, Guiness, Stella, & beer made from Heather] & whiskey (the whiskey is a bit strong for my taste though).
Reto at the edge of the highlands in ScotlandI've been traveling with a good Swiss friend I met, Reto Ackermann. He plays a mean mouth organ (harmonica) =) Up on the Isle we met Susanna from Berlin. She asks people what they think of Berlin and they say it's 'Interesting'. We found that common description interesting too. ;) 

View of a river in the highlands of ScotlandI've also been filling up on the local soft drink, IRN-BRU (contains Iron). I was also woken up by a little dog when sleeping in the grass one day. I've been going wow wow a lot (It's a dog's Bellen [Bark, in English]) And I've been told the meaning of the name of the first Dackel [sausage dog] I knew, 'Schatzi'. It is something a fine girlfriend would be called, similar to 'sweetheart' or 'cutie'. 


The Isle of Skye Reto at a waterfall on the Isle of Skye
Reto at a waterfall on the Isle of Skye Vince beyond the edge
Chasing sheep on the Isle of Skye Chasing sheep on the Isle of Skye

I saw the Castle used in the Highlander film [Eilean Donan Castle], and climbed around the rocks and gardens of the real Clan MacCloud. I chased sheep down a mountain near the old man of Storr [rock formation], and took a boat about on Loch Ness. All this was so far north the sun lit the sky brightly until 10:30.
Vince at the Eilean Donan Castle, the Highlander Castle Flower garden at the MacCloud Castle on the Isle of Skye
Vince's painted toenails (from prague) in river dividing the two mountain ranges on the Isle of Skye Now, back in Prague I had my toes painted by Julie. In Cannes I guy working in the kitchen recognized me by my feet, saying, "ahh, I knew it was you Vince, because you paint your toenails."
We also noticed that many Canadian's make sure you know they're not "American", by prominently displaying their flag... It really stuck out. Canadian patch on Canadian backpack from Canada (NOT America!)

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