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Mannheim, Germany (2000-06-23) Day 11:
Ryan reading on train to GermanyMarc Scheib met us at the train station, and we went back to his apartment to meet Melanie. We had a great steak dinner, and than excellent dessert. =9 I drank half liters of Hefeweizen all night, Ryan tried a few different beers. Melanie took us to a good basement club, with a dance floor and good music. Marc asked earlier how much it would take for me to finish drinking, and we found it to be about 2.5 liters of Hefeweizen. We danced for a while then came back. This morning, a little foggy, we're just about to leave for Heidelberg.

Heidelberg, Germany (2000-06-23) Day 11:
Heidelberg Castle in GermanyThe castle here is high above and quite large. Inside is a HUGE wine barrel. It's all very impressive. Remember not to trust them when Melanie says Marc is asking for 'information'.
Vince, Ryan, Melanie, and Marc at Heidelberg Castle Melanie, and Marc Scheib at Heidelberg Castle

Mannheim, Germany (2000-06-23) Day 11:

Marc and Melanie have been very kind. We had excellent Tai food for dinner tonight, with plum wine. Then we went for a walk and saw many great fountains about the city. Tonight we sleep, and plot as to how to repay our hosts who have been too kind. 

Berlin, Germany (2000-06-25) Day 13:
East BerlinRyan and I changed plans and traveled to Berlin. We will be heading out to Prague tomorrow. A walking tour of Berlin was most informative, and we learned quite a bit about the events concerning the wall. The city is very interesting, being split into two downtowns, and a new modern one growing in-between! Our hostel is rather far out, in the country. It's nice to see trees. Techno music wafted at us for hours as we played life sized chess. We shared the room with a guy from Pennsylvania who had been working in London. His feet stank.
Vince and Ryan in Berlin, Germany
Ryan's reflection in capital building in Berlin
Ryan at Berlin Wall
Ryan at Berlin Wall

Berlin, Germany (2000-06-26) Day 14:

We’re getting ready to board a very early train to Prague. We haven’t heard from Julie and Debbie for a while. The plan is to walk into the heart of Prague and try to raise them with the walkie-talkie.

The train has taken us along the Vltava river, most beautiful! The land jumps up in rolling rocky hills, but pauses for flat expanses. 

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