My Technical Library A collection of a few papers and tidbits.
Masters in Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
I am a proud alumni of Ming Lin's GAMMA research team.

Most distinguished papers:

Interesting course work, with pictures to look at:

BS in Computer Science Engineering
Ohio State University.

782 Advanced 3D Graphics labs Results from my third Computer Graphics Programming class at OSU. (Cool animations and renderings and stuff.)

781 Computer Graphics labs - Results from my second Computer Graphics Programming class at OSU. (Pictures and stuff)

Gateway Engineering Program - Robots! Freshman year I was in a rather interesting pilot program. I took 9 honors courses with the same group of people, and at the end we all built autonomous robots. They all ran through a maze and fought with each other in a race. It was tons of fun. Of course, I enjoyed programming the thing most.

OSU CSE Interactive display animation - Interactive set of animations I made to promote the CIS department.