an Interactive Moire Pattern Experimentation Program!

Download: iMoire

(OpenGL required - 3D hardware acceleration recommended)
This program allows you to view Moiré patterns interactively. The user can learn how to build patterns out of moiré interference layers. This software was written with OpenGL, providing hardware accelerated moire interference patterns.

The user can provide their own interference patterns, or use a combination of the 21 patterns provided. 

What is Moire?

The word Moiré comes from the word mohair, a kind of cloth made from the fine hair of an Angora goat. Weavers noticed that strange and changing patterns could be seen in this type of cloth.

Moiré is interference that can be seen when overlaying similar patterns. Just as the fine hairs of the Angora caused patterns, geometric patterns such as Circles, Parallel lines, and Radial lines also do. The combination of the layers creates an alias pattern. This is known as aliasing. 

Aliasing is when a new pattern is visually apparent – but was not present in the source patterns. 

Aliasing is traditionally considered a bad thing in computer graphics.  Specifically, one does not want patterns showing up that one did not intend to show up. 

This program intentionally generates moire patterns. It is an excellent method to examine how moiré patterns can be generated. I think moire patterns are cool. I think they’re neat. Just look at the screen shots on the left, and imagine them moving and shifting and pulsating with color. =) mmmm, candy flavor for the mind.