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This animation was part of an interactive display I created for the CIS department at OSU. The animation ran full screen on a monitor alone on a table. It was designed to attract people to it and provide useful information about the department via short narrated animations. The display also incorporated creative lighting. By use of another animation and projector, the area was flooded with changing color patterns. I can't recreate the installation here for you, but you can view the animation above (assuming you have shockwave flash installed). By the way, it's 8MB so if you have a slow connection it might take a long while to load.

Text from the movie: Computer Information Science. Welcome to the Computer and Information Science department at Ohio State University. I'm Stu Zweben, the department chair. Computer science is one of the most exciting and dynamic departments at OSU, featuring undergraduate programs in the colleges of Engineering, Arts & Sciences, and Business. These diverse programs provide our nearly 1300 undergrad C.I.S. students with a rich set of opportunities in course selection, undergraduate research, and organized activities such as professional society student chapters. This allows students to tailor their programs to meet their individual interests. Our animated display illustrates several important and innovative projects in which our department is engaged. Each of these projects is the result of significant interaction among our faculty and students, both graduate and undergraduate. Each also integrates aspects of our research and instructional programs. By the way, this animation was produced by two of C.I.S.'s undergraduate majors. I hope you enjoy your short tour through a part of the C.I.S. Department. Graphics 681 Introduction to Computer Graphics 781 Introduction to 3D Image Generation 782 Advanced 3D 783 Geometric Modeling CIS 788.14D - Introduction to Computer Animation. CIS 788.14I - Scientific Visualization and Volume Graphics CIS 788.14K - Advanced Scientific Visualization CIS 788.14T - Volume Graphics CIS 888.14D - Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization CIS 888.14X - Computer Character Animation CIS 888.14T - Topics in Volume Visualization CIS 888.14Q - Geometric Modeling and Image analysis During Autumn 1998, Professor Raj Jain broadcasted all his class lectures on CIS677: Introduction to Networking live on the Internet. These lectures are also available on demand. To see and hear the lectures, only a standard browser and a 28.8 connection is required. Hi, I'm Vince. I'm currently a junior in Computer Science Engineering. I have been very pleased with my undergraduate experience in the CIS department. In fact, the CIS department is why I choose to come to OSU in the first place. Students can study computers from the Sciences, and Business colleges. From each of those, there are many ways to customize the degree. I have chosen a software specialization, with an emphasis in computer graphics. The CIS department offers numerous in depth courses in my interests, as well as many others. The CIS department immediately prepared me for two professional internships in computer graphics. I enjoyed this work and it has reinforced my career choice. My job this coming summer will be with a game company. The CIS department has offered many classes that I have made direct use of, impressing my employers by spending very little time orienting myself. I feel very prepared to enter the computer graphics entertainment industry. also given me a strong theory background. The Resolve series, and numerous other classes, encourage the development of abstract level problem solving skills. I have attended numerous guest lectures hosted by the CIS department in areas of direct interest to myself. These have helped me to network outside of the university and broaden my exposure. Many of these lectures were supported by the IEEE and ACM groups. Speaking of ACM, I was one of 4 students sent by our ACM chapter, last fall, to Waterloo, Ontario, to compete in a regional programming contest. We performed very well, and it was a fun weekend. Numerous committees help improve the department. Regularly I read their minutes, which are posted to the newsgroups, and speak to the undergraduate representatives to voice my opinion. These committees address the computing environment, curriculum, and accreditation issues. The professors in the department have also offered endless support for my goals, and I can not possibly thank them enough. I am very pleased with my experience in the CIS department, and am seriously considering continuing my studies here as a graduate student. Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy the rest of this display. =) Queue_ Kernel_1a_C implements Length Accessor extends Dequeue Enqueue Type diversity@cis.ohio-state.edu A $350,000 GE grant supports undergraduate women and minority students participating in research projects. seeking out and nurturing high caliber minority students, we enhance the department's mission of academic excellence. -Dr. Renee Miller #include RESOLVE_Foundation Core Introductory Sequence 221: Software Development Using Components 222: Development of Software 321: Design and Analysis of Component-Based Systems ? This presentation was designed and created by CIS students Vince Scheib Sarah Waterson February 1999 Additional Vocals Mark Holtman Chris Adams Support Stu Zweben Rick Parent Peg Steele Tom Mlay Ron Sayers