Well yeah, I have fun sometimes. That's what life is all about right? =)

Here you will find Pictures, and Not Pictures. The first group is mostly pictures, the second is mostly not. Makes sense.


Bigger Trips:
Trip to Europe, 2002
Third time is a charm! Back to Europe -- there's so much to see. My reason for travel is a paper presentation at the Eurographics conference. But, I'll have some fine travels to: the Evoke Demo party, The castles of the Rhine, and Marco's home town Pisa!
Trip across the USA to Angel Studios, 2002
Lots of pictures traveling from NC to CA with Max Garber.
Trip to Europe, 2001
I lived in Germany for the summer in 2001, then traveled through Scandinavia.
Europe - Summer 00
I took my summer off and traveled in Europe. Lots of cool stuff here
Spring Break 00 - The Bahamas, SCUBA diving
Scott, Melissa, and I went SCUBA diving in the Bahamas.
Smaller Things:
Playing with fire.
2006_05_10 E3
A few casual snap shots from E3 2006.
Gamebryo logo from post-it notes, 2006
A bit of goofing around in the office. I arranged post-it notes to form the gamebryo logo if you're standing in just the right place.
Scuba diving Catalina, 2003
Swimming with the fishes, including the bright orange Garibaldi.
Halloween costumes at The Collective, 2003
Me and co-workers dressed up for Halloween.
A postcard from Ellen and I
An electronic post card from Ellen and I, with a little announcement.
Summit Mt Baldy
2 pics from climbing a mountain.
Spelunking the Hell Hole Cave
It's a tight fit.
My office at UNC
A glimpse into my work environment.
Panoramic Views of MPI
Views of the Max Planck Institut fur Informatic and near by areas, where I was a visiting student for summer 2001
Game Developers Conference 2001
A quick conference trip.
Fun at EA
A day goofing around Electronic Arts and area with a camera.
Summer Adventures 1999
Across the country, pictures taken by my hand, here for show and tell.
Molly dog Picture
My dog, (sniff), who I've been away from for so very long. (Is that a tearful sniff, or a "Hi, just smelling your feet" sniff?)

Not Pictures

Shape Slasher
A small game I wrote with Mike Daly in 2007.
Demos from the Demo Scene! Cool graphics programs.
Quotes, from books, movies, friends, anywhere.
Paper fun things
Fun things to be made out of paper.
MODS page
Music On Disk, a form of computer generated music. You'll find over 50 of my favorite MODs.