NASCAR Rumble for the PlayStation:

Internship work at Electronic Arts, 1999

I worked as an intern at Electronic Arts in San Francisco, California during the summer of 1999. I programmed special effects graphics for Nascar Rumble.

"EA Sports' NASCAR Rumble is an over-the-top, almost-NFL-Blitz-like version of NASCAR racing that throws all the conventional rules of NASCAR right out of the window."

"...this game is very similar to the arcade classic San Francisco Rush in both style and feel; as in San Francisco Rush you just go mind-bendingly fast until you bash your car into something and send the object hurling through the air."

"Visually, NASCAR Rumble is quite good. The sense of speed you get when playing the game is tremendous - no seriously, when you play NASCAR Rumble you'll swear it's the fastest racing game you've ever played on the PlayStation."