Traveling Europe in 2002

I presented a paper at the Eurographics conference in 2002.. and had the chance to travel some while in Europe.

I started by attending the Evoke demo party in Cologne Germany. Then I traveled about on the Rhine river, finding my way eventually to Saarbruecken for the conference.

Afterwards, Marco Tarini was so kind as to give me a tour in Tuscany Italy.

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Ahh yes, Europe trips are almost becoming common place for me? As usually, the ordeal starts with a red-eye flight there, arriving in the very early hours.
I boarded a train, and made my way to Cologne. Upon arriving at the train station you can't miss the impressive cathedral.
So, tired as I was, I climbed the bell tower, and behold what I found there!
The view of the gothic spires of the Cathedral of Cologne must be taken through difficult windows.
Inside, you can see to the top of the spire, impressive stonework.
Inside the Cathedral of Cologne.
I had the rest of the day to wander about the city. I started with a nap in a park, and then enjoyed a fall festival in the streets.
Later in the day, it was time to head to the Evoke Demo Party.
Demo parties are a bit hard to explain, see my page on demos for some hints.
Basically we partied Friday - Sunday, watching cool music videos created by those who attended.
So then I headed out to travel down the Rhine river for a few days. I took the local trains down both sides, and my first stop was Bonn, birthplace of Beethoven.
I took a Cog train up to the Ruins Dachenfels
View of Bonn and way back there Cologne from Konigswinter on the Rhine
Ruins Dachenfels at Konigswinter on the Rhine
Castle at Konigswinter on the Rhine was visible on the way down, but closed to tours.
Old cog train at Konigswinter on the Rhine
Late that night, I came to where the Mosel and Rhine rivers join. I hiked miles looking for a cheap place to stay, and noticed the creative lighting of this monument.
Here is that monument (Deutsches Eck) seen in the day, from up in the Erhenbreitstein fortress at Koblenz
Erhenbreitstein fortress at Koblenz
Here's a Castle on the Rhine, as you travel along the river you find these littered everywhere. If you go, find a map that names them for you.
City on the Rhine
The Loreley on the Rhine is a nice site to visit in one of the narrowest portions of the Rhine.
The siren of Loreley watches down from the high cliffs of the Rhine, distracting and drawing the sailors to wreak their boats into the cliffs.
Vince in Burg Rheinfels, ruins of vaults
Visitors are allowed inside Burg Rheinfels ruins, even into the tunnels below it.
The tunnels are below the castle and ground around it, the camera flash is brief, and I am left mostly in the dark.
I use my blinky blue light to see, finding my way through the network of passageways and out a different way than I came in.
Another castle over a Rhine river city, such a treasure.
I stay the night in Bingin, and find another fall festival. I'm starting to enjoy these... ;)
Nighttime shots, after a few beers, the lights dance for me.
A train rushes by.
Such is the drunken state of a man alone in a fabulous place. A moment's emotion forever treasured and yet not sharable
The castle atop the hill in the city of Bingin calls to me. I start walking up to it.
Me, my beer, and the crushing of flowers.
After the late night, I woke up early to see the sun rise over Bingin and the Rhine, it is my last day to travel here, I must get started!
Out over the river, the castles and the vineyards. I'll head back to the Mosel river today to go down to Saarbruecken... but first... there is more to see!
I hike a long distance from the train station to Burg Rheinstein
Rheinstein is a castle still intact, furnished, and is in contrast to most of the ruins on the Rhine.
The vineyards there make use of a small trolley to navigate the hill, how fun!
Full suits of armor, and much bric-a-brac in the castle.
Wooden spiral staircase, a photo must-have.
The view from this castle is spectacular. The last owner, before private purchase, was a Duchess of Mecklenburg
Rheinstein's walled garden is lush, the vineyards are just beyond.
I quickly travel to Mainz, a modern city in Germany. I trek in full gear. I move with focused intensity, never missing a good snapshot. Where is waldo in this picture?
The red sandstone cathedral in Mainz is a fresh contrast to most Western European architecture.
I arrive at the Eurographics conference. We play foosball -- at full scale.
The conference reception is in the Völklingen Ironworks, Saarbruecken. I've these this from the train many times not knowing what it was.. it starts with a great flywheel.
The machinery is from another age. This Demag, It inspires.
Another view of the machinery in the Völklingen Ironworks.
Outside, rust covered pipes, the Völklingen Ironworks. This is a steel mill, one of the earliest.
Art in rusted pipes.
The red bricks, the red rust, the Völklingen Ironworks.
Vince wears a hard hat. These pipes are angled to avoid coal dust settling and accumulating.
Eurographics 2002 reception dinner.
Creative lighting on the flywheel
Creative lighting with creative photography with machinery.
And now, Marco! In his home in Pisa, Italy!
Pisa is a beautiful Tuscan city, with much to see! And I have a first rate tour from a local.
We even visit the leaning tower of Pisa
Watch out Marco! It may fall someday!
Baptismal building or something something in Pisa.
Time for food. Letizia has brought good things from Sicily. Some goat cheese, some bovine.
We ride bikes, are you handling the camera safely Marco? I am concerned, but trying to smile.
I lean out of a residential window in Pisa. Behind me is a butterfly, so beautiful.
Pisa, crossing back to the inner city.
We travel to the Tuscan mountains. Ponte della Maddelena (or Ponte del Diavolo (Devil's bridge))
We also cross the cable suspension bridge, it is narrow.
The steps, slick under wooded shade, dead trees help your hand
A festival in San Marcello Pistoiese
Ah, with a good breakfast in the mountains.
On the way back, we see the old walls of Lucca
Can you see the trees on the tower?
The next day I head to Florence. Here's the cathedral everyone takes pictures of. I did too.
The river with no fish, and a bridge across it all built up.
I remembered visiting the boboli gardens in Florence when I was young, so I returned.
A statue of a naked man playing golf, plus other mostly naked humans, in the boboli gardens.
More of the crowds of Florence. My day trip was not what I hoped, I was blocked by the people. I did not see the statue David, only the copy which is outside.
Marco and I went to hear some electronic music. The DJ is red. I am blue, it is the last day I will be here.
I am returning home via Frankfurt. I tour museums all day.
and head to the old town for my last German meal. Spatzels and beer of course!
Frankfurt at night.
Airplane home. Dream of flying. Dream of dying. For what is life but sweet death delayed. I have enjoyed it.