Trip to Europe, 2001

For the summer of 2001, I stayed in Saarbruecken Germany. I did research on fitting large scattered data sets to subdivision surfaces. After my research, I traveled by train up to Helsinki, Finland.

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Arrival in Saarbrucken train station
Without food for the three day weekend, I fast and take hikes in the surrounding woods
The MPI where I am researching is on a university campus surrounded by wooded hills
The old bridge in downtown Saarbruecken
A new friend, Marco Tarini, apears in the rondel (a building within the MPI building)
We are many international researchers
Hitoshi, Won-Ki, Andrzej, Kiril, Vince, Marco
We play beach volleyball
We have BBQs
Marco thinks
Hitoshi works
Marco and Vince collaborate with computing devices (TI-85)
Vince sits at his office desk
We eat lunch at the Mensa, there is a nice view
Along the Mosel river is the city and castle of Cochem
Wine grapes growing on the hill up to the castle
Vince in travel gear at the castle gate
The view from the castle
Panorama of Luxemburg old city wall UNESCO walk.
Detail of old casemates and fortifications of Luxembourg
Wall and bridges in Luxembourg
Stairs inside the casemates, the fortifications carved into the hill
Inside panorama of the cathedral in Metz
Stained glass windows of the cathedral in Metz
Flying buttresses of the cathedral in Metz
The cathedral of Metz towering over nearby buildings
Naked blue chick
Grafiti in Saarbruecken. Note the two avatars and the radial design
Marc Scheib
Völklingen Ironworks, Saarbruecken. What are these I wonder, I've just seen them from the train.
Styalized, Völklingen Ironworks, Saarbruecken
Völklingen Ironworks, Saarbruecken, I'll visit them one year later.
Port Niagra, Trier, a roman city gate in the oldest city of Germany
Roman ruins in Trier
View of Trier from the wine hills
Völklingen Ironworks, Saarbruecken
View from an ICE train in Germany
View of the Mountains on the way to Fussen
Castle Neuschwanstein
My feets in the rather cold mountain stream near Castle Neuschwanstein
Castle Neuschwanstein in a very portrait sort of way
Panorama from the environs of Castle Neuschwanstein
A not so well composed picture of me and Castle Neuschwanstein
Some very white church interior in Munich
Balls of steel in Munich. These were pretty hot from the sun..
Me and a liter of beer in Munich. Why do I look that way?
Graffiti in Copenhaggen
Copenhagen at night, after visiting Christiania
A ship in dock in Stockholm
View from my bed on a boat in Stockholm
View of the city tower and old city of Stockholm
The gold room in the city hall of Stockholm
Detail of the USA mosaic
From the city tower in Stockholm
Please do not drive into the water
Setting up the computers at the Assembly 2001 demo party in Helsinki
The computers at the Assembly 2001 demo party in Helsinki
Downtown Helsinki
Downtown Helsinki
Giving the award for first place 64KB intro to Steven of 3State. I represented them at the Assembly Party.
Train station of Amsterdam
Biking out in the countryside around Amsterdam, oh look, a windmill
Heineken brewery. End of another great trip.