Fun in the sun around Electronic Arts

Marc Wilhelm and I worked at Electronic Arts this summer as interns. Here are some pictures from a Saturday we spent running around the corporate campus of EA and other companies.

We started the day nice and early, got in my car, and drove to work.

There's these great tiles in the grass between two buildings, and the whole scene reminds me of a scene in the game Bushido Blade.

There's also a nice little hill of these, weed type wheaty things and stuff.
Fun to sit in. =)

Oh No! Marc is going to step on me!

There's a nice lake here, we walked around it and ended up at Oracle. (They have such cool looking buildings.)

There were some nice trees around as well.

Then we headed back, the day almost over.

And eventually (the next day) we went to fisherman's wharf, and saw the sun set over the golden gate.