At Siggraph`98 (A conference on computer graphics) a vendor sat me down, snapped a picture, and handed me a floppy disk with my bust as a 3D model. =) How cool. The picture above is just a collage of still shots of that 3D model.

You can view the 3d model in your browser. However, it uses an old 3D format called VRML, that isn't well supported these days. Oh well.

If you are one of those lucky people who can see stereograms take a look at this picture:

To see it you should relax your eyes, looking beyond the monitor. The two white dots at the top of the picture will split into four. The middle two of these white dots will drift towards each other as you relax your eyes and look farther through the monitor. Try to look at these middle two dots, and they will come together and make just one dot. When that has happened you've made the picture come into '3D focus' and can slowly look down at it to see me in 3D (I have a big nose, it should stick out at you.).