Inspired by looking over graduate school publications, this is a very interesting result of moire pattern and JPEG image compression artifacts. The first being rather subtle, and the second being rather dominant. Also inherent is my fascination with the discreteness of the pixel, which is why the image is rather blocky and jagged. Also apparent is the recursive, or fractal, nature of the patterns, love of simple form, and communication between to sides. Finally, on a more subtle note, is the issue of emergence, modification via passing through a system, and contrast of input vs output.
Just above you can see the stages this image went through. The first four set up the initial dot image. This image is a clean image, and you can see this mid point below. The next step shows a close up of the jpeg compression and the sharpening filters. The image has been compressed and then enlarged, and the artifacts exaggerated. The second last frame shows the overall image at this point. The last step is to add a bit more color. A moire pattern is created, as seen enlarged in the last frame, and combined to the full image.